Thank Goodness for the Rain!

It’s almost as if I can hear the fields breathing a sigh of relief…  When the sun comes out again, it will be madness out there! The crops, the weeds–everything will take off.  Right now we get a little respite from weeding.  Just enough time to catch our breath.

We have finally added chickens to our little farm.  Last night we picked them up from farmer friends of ours.  They spent the night in the back of my truck and were excited to get out of it in the morning.  They’ve laid some eggs, which Justin has ‘reserved’ for the farmstand, even though I’m dying to eat one!  The hens are big and gorgeous ladies.  The eggs will not be certified organic but we will feed them primarily on veggies, bugs and organic layer pellets.  It’s lots of fun to have more animals on the farm, especially ones that are so completely different than the rabbits.  I have to be careful that I don’t let these entertaining creatures distract me too much from growing vegetables!

003One of the exciting developments in the past two weeks is the appearance of flowers on our tomatoes.  We had such a terrible tomato crop last year that the health and beautiful of our current plants seems miraculous.  Everything growing on the plastic mulch is doing so well, partially because of the increase heat under there but also because we’ve been able to irrigate them regularly.  The greens in the field have had to rely on their root systems to get to moisture under the hot dust.  Last week we finished planting the melons and the long-season brassicas (storage cabbage and broccoli).  When I think of all the tender roots we put into hot soil I’m even more thankful for this rain!

Tomorrow we open our farmstand at noon!  We’ll have salad mix and mustard greens, fresh eggs, radish, and plant starts for all you procrastinating gardeners.  If you’ve planted your garden and found you just need a couple more zucchinis or maybe a hollyhock next to your front door, we’ve got you covered.  We have limited supply of plants and we’re only offering them tomorrow and Saturday, so don’t miss out!  For the adventurous, we even have some popcorn plants!

Last year's hollyhocks at the farm.  We have a small number of hollyhock plants available for sale!

Last year’s hollyhocks at the farm. We have a small number of hollyhock plants available for sale!



June warmth

Every time I walk down to the farm I pass the most wonderfully fragrant lilac bushes.  Lilac season is so very short and sweet.  It has been a warm week here at the farm, forcing us to rearrange our schedules a bit to avoid being out during the hottest part of the day.  It’s great weather for weeding, if you can handle the sun and the black flies.  Justin has been working tirelessly on the walk-in cooler, putting in the walls and floors and installing the air conditioner that will cool the room. I’ve been weeding and seeding and hovering around the rabbits, making sure they have enough water.  Our dog has been digging holes in the farmyard in an attempt to disappear from the biting bugs.


We had intended to open the farmstand today however we have changed our summer opening to next week due to a family emergency.  The growing season is a hard time to leave the farm but part of our goal in this is to still be able to be there for our families when they need us.  I am thankful that we have the ability to take this time this week for the people who have loved and supported us in our endeavors.

This is the flywheel: an endlessly growing cache of strength and love that we call on when we are sad or sore.  It is fed with radish seed, loon calls, strawberry blossoms, muscle memory, new lyrics for classic rock songs, neighbors stopping by, toast with jam, greens that make your eyes hurt…