Two weeks flew by!  Our flywheel farm began turning very fast last week with the rapid melting of snow, the oh-just-kidding snowstorm that followed, the water-water everywhere, the ‘hot’ section of our greenhouse filling up, and the birth of our first batch of meat rabbits…!  Then, of course, the nights turned cold again, getting down to 12 and 15 degrees, thus stalling the progression of spring.  Spring will not be stopped however, something I see clearly in the rapid growth of the baby bunnies and germination of seeds.  Everyday is a marked difference.

I read somewhere that rabbits nurse only once or twice a day and only for about 4 minutes per litter.  I’ve only once caught one of my does jumping out of her nest box, presumably after she finished nursing.  For the litter to grow this much in little more than a week, that rabbit milk must be a real superjuice.  Unsurprising, since everything in spring seems to be powered by some incredibly nutritious, growth-enhancing elixir!

As the fields thaw and the ground dries, Justin and I are looking toward the coming months of infrastructure improvements on the farm.  We will be expanding our wash and pack house to include the walk-in cooler and we’ll be extending electricity into the farmyard.  We will be busting out of the seedling house, prompting another round of discussions about expanding the greenhouse or building another one.

Although everything is moving faster, I am walking the edge of the stream daily to catch the first fiddleheads poking up.  They will likely be our first product for sale this season but they will also be our first farm-ground green meal in a long time.


After a winter in the barn, our little Ford started right up. Justin took the opportunity to do a little pre-season maintenance.

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