Another two weeks come and gone!  My Mondays of computer-work have been hijacked by other (more pressing) farm projects.  We had our organic certification inspection last week, which went well and we’re excited to (hopefully) be getting our certification soon.  Compost was delivered, potting soil picked up, a bolt broke on the tractor and was fixed, peas and greens planted, seeders calibrated…and on and on…


We got some much-needed help on Saturday from my father, who worked with Justin to clear two giant, old piles of guardrail posts that had taken up residence at the farm. With all the field work to be done, clearing piles of junk that have been in place for years wouldn’t seem like a high priority. But we can now turn the tractor around at the end of those beds and drive between the field and the greenhouse.



The plants in the greenhouse, including this chard, look fantastic. We had divided the greenhouse into two sections for heating but yesterday we took down the wall and opened the whole thing up. I was expecting this to open up a whole lot of room but somehow we are still completely full! I’m hoping to move the soon-to-be-transplanted outside after tonight’s low temps.  The forecast has the temperature getting down to 31 tonight.  We’re still running the propane in the greenhouse at night.
















I think that this week has been the first ‘real’ week of the growing season.  Today we finished our projects around 6 and the sun was still fairly high in the sky and the temperatures were warm.  We grabbed a pizza and ate it in the prep area and then planted potatoes until 8:30.  One of the joys of working for yourself is that you can take a break with a couple of slices of ‘Garlic Luv’ from White Rock and go back to work until dark.  It was a beautiful evening, with the birds loud in the copse and the sun slowly setting behind the lake.


This is about all the farm news I can handle for the moment.  Off to bed to dream of potatoes and strawberries!

Bunnies.  The bunnies are wonderful.

Bunnies. The bunnies are (big and) wonderful.


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