Justin and I had a great time at the Vermont Veg and Berry Growers’ Conference and Annual Meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  We were asked to share the design and building process for our Packhouse and Walk-In Cooler.  We represented the smallest farm presenting but it seemed like the information was helpful, especially for other small or beginning farms.  It was so much fun to see where our farm might be in 10-20 years as more experienced farmers shared their information.  We had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends from Maine and met many new people.  Getting together with other farmers is so crucial, not just because there is a lot of ingenuity to share but also because it is valuable to be in a room of people with common concerns and common excitements.  I’ve come back from the meeting so jazzed about the coming season!

For anyone interested in seeing our presentation, which includes design, construction and cost info for a small walk-in and prep area, here’s our powerpoint:

Flywheel Presentation Final

(you will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view)

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